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Martin Brandqvist Film Composer

Martin Brandqvist writes music for film and television series for children.

Millions of children in Europe have been humming the signature tune for the TV series about “Karlsson on the Roof”, touched by Ted Sieger’s award-winning film “The Fourth King”, or had juletide shivers from “Molly and The Christmas Monster

“Filled with beautiful, evocative music” Wrote (Sydsvenska Dagbladet)”A children’s film couldn’t be better” Wrote (HIT FM)

Films with Martin’s music appear regularly on TV stations in Europe, ZDF, KIKA, SVT, NR1, DR1, YLE, SF1, SF2, Channel4, and even Australia and Canada.

“The Fourth King” received a number of awards and nominations including the prize for “The Best TV program” at the ANIMADRID 2006 Film Festival. “Musical Mr. Finch” from Slugger Film is a showreel of its own. A ten minute cartoon with music only. It received first prize at  Window of Asian Animated Film.“Itsy and bitsy “ Six children’s film epsiodes from Slugger Film under production. In that project Martin is also doing the sound design.

-For me it is important that children get a strong sense of the music,that the music is honest. No child likes to be baby talked. They want to be taken seriously. It`s the same with music.

Martin has a degree in Music from Malmö University.Certificate Program from the Drummers Collective in New York City. Two years of music education at Fridhems Folk High School. Courses in recording technology and a 1 year course in TV production.

In addition to film music, Martin has also written music for a variety of theatre productions.

In 2011 he completed a 20 minute commissioned piece for Piano, Cello, Percussion and Clarinet.

As a musician, Martin has been touring in South Africa, Canada,France, Iceland, the Baltic States, the United States and the Caribbean  with world music groups like SIMBI, Avadåband, Vusi Mahlasela ….


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